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Basic Planning Tips

  • Determine date(s) and time(s) of the meeting(s), and if possible a set of alternative date(s) and time(s).
  • Decide on the destination city.
  • Will guest rooms be needed? If so, how many?
  • Will meeting space be needed?
  • Will food & beverage be needed?
  • Will audio/visual equipment be needed?
  • Will audio/visual equipment be needed?
  • Determine the total budget spend for the meeting(s). Break down the budget to allow for:
  • Guest rooms
  • Meeting space
  • Food & beverage
  • Audio / visual equipment rental
  • If the meeting is more than one day, determine the daily schedule.
  • Make sure you have a Hilton HHonors account or Fast Res account to make it easier for you to book your group online.

Guest Rooms

  • How many guest rooms will be required for each night of the meeting?
  • What is the breakdown number of singles, doubles, and suites? Inquire about the different room types offered by the hotel.
  • Are these counts estimates or exact?
  • How many people will occupy each room?
  • What is the budgeted guest room rate?
  • Are connecting rooms required or would you prefer to have rooms with no connecting doors?
  • Do all or any of the rooms need to be on the same floor or near each other?
  • After check-in, ask the hotel sales manager for a copy of the room list complete with guest names and room numbers. This will allow you to know where everyone is in case of an emergency.

    Meeting Space

  • Is the meeting room separated from adjoining rooms? Are there solid walls, sliding panel or air walls? View the hotel's meeting space floor plan images, where applicable.
  • Determine the full duration of the meeting.
  • If the meeting is scheduled over several days, are the start and end times different for each day?
  • Determine the number of people attending.
  • What kind of seating arrangement is needed? (Reception, Theatre, U shape, Classroom, Conference, Banquet and Hollow Square)
  • Prepare name tents or plates for attendees if a seating plan is required.
  • Determine what type of Audio/Visual equipment is required and if the hotel has any package offers.
  • Will a podium and microphone be needed?
  • Determine the agenda.
  • Will flip charts, white boards, notepads, pens, and markers, etc be needed? Does the hotel provide a complimentary meeting package for basic items?
  • What types of meeting packages does the hotel offer?
  • Request equipment be set up and the room prepared before the meeting is scheduled to begin.
  • Is a phone with a speaker needed? Is there a charge for phone conference dialing?
  • Is internet service required? How many ports are needed and what is the cost?

    Food and Beverage

  • Determine the number of people to be served at the meeting and at what times.
  • Determine menu and beverage choices.
  • Will your attendees require food & beverage during the meeting or during breakouts?
  • Is a separate room needed for breakouts or is the preference to be served in the meeting room?
  • If food & beverage is going to be served during the meeting, can it be served with minimal disturbance?
  • Will coffee and/or water be needed throughout the meeting?
  • Advise the hotel of any special dietary requirements for people attending the meeting.
  • Determine the food and beverage service charges.

    Billing and Payment

  • Who is responsible for the payment of guest rooms and the meeting room?
  • How will incidentals (phone calls, room service, etc.) be handled?
  • How will final payment be made? Credit card, check, etc?
  • Who will be authorized to make changes for the meeting that would involve extra charges from the hotel?
  • Is an advanced deposit required? If so, is there a payment schedule?
  • Would you like to set up a master bill with the hotel? If so, what charges will be added and who is authorized to make those charges?

    Additional Basic Tips

  • Check the available parking at the hotel. Is there a cost?
  • Is transportation available to and from airport? Is there a schedule or will you need to make reservations? Is there a charge?
  • Let property know of accessibility special needs for guests' rooms, public areas or function rooms.
  • Ensure hotel is fully aware of the delivery and collection times planned by all outside vendors.
  • What business office services are offered by the hotel, such as making copies, and what is the charge?